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is a multilingual peer-review e-journal that represents African Studies in the sense of Diedrich Westermann: The people are always in the focus of research. Place of publication is the Department of African Studies, University of Cologne, Germany


is a scientific journal that makes use of the advantages of the internet

  • interactivity
  • multimedia based presentations
  • short publication period

The aim of the journal is to enhance international exchange and cooperation between scholars of different Africa-related disciplines, e.g. anthropology, theoretical and applied linguistics, literature, communication sciences.

Being an e-journal

it offers new forms of scientific exchange through the discussion-fora and the possibility to comment on the contributions directly. Links to full-text sources and open-URL offer new standards for the presentation of results of research. Hereby Afrikanistik-Aegyptologie-online transcends by far the potential of conventional print publications. All contributions are available in pdf-format. The link is on the right top of the respective page.

Open access

allows for access to current research of high quality even under conditions, where print publications are not easily available. This means a step forward in the implementation of ITC in order to integrate structurally disadvantaged persons and areas in the scholarly discourse.

ISSN 1860-7462