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3 new articles have been published within the last 30 days.
  1. 2021-10-16, in Proceedings

    The Body as a Toolbox in the Hausa Language

    This paper discusses Hausa proverbs related to body parts and bodily functions. The Hausa people sometimes conceptualize body-related proverbs as tools used to ...

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  2. 2021-10-15, in Book reviews

    Rezension: Leo Sibomana und Matthias Brack 2021. Legenden, Märchen und Fabeln aus Ruanda

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  3. 2021-10-06, in Proceedings

    The Body as a Toolbox in Ancient Egypt

    This article is the revised version of a presentation at the International Workshop “The Body as a Toolbox” (Cologne, October 2018). It can discuss only some ...

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