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1. Document 1: Scenes from Three Video Films, Produced in 1995 and 1996 for Ngozi Ogbu.


The videos were sold, though only in a few copies, to people interested in Ngozi’s church. The first video film, called ‘The Abolition of Adoro in Alor Uno by Prophetess Ngozika Ogbu. February 11, 1995’, was recorded at a festival, immediately after Ngozi and her followers had demolished the shrine of the Adoro deity. With a length of more than two hours, the film contains many interviews with the prophetess and people supporting her. The whole text of this documentary can be read, written in Igbo and in two different English translations, in Documents 2, 3 and 4.

1.1. Prophetess Ngozi - Part 1: The Abolition of the Adoro Shrine


The film itself is presented here only in an abridged version (21 minutes out of a two-hour documentary), showing details of the ‘pagan’ charms and cult objects which Ngozi collected and destroyed during her cleansing campaign, followed by scenes of spirit possession, interspersed with interviews.

1.2. Prophetess Ngozi - Part 2: Thanksgiving Festival


The second video film (of which 59 minutes are shown here) documents a ‘Thanks-giving Festival’ on 24 and 25 October 1995, when Ngozi’s religious movement had turned into a church.

1.3. Prophetess Ngozi - Part 3: Rituals


The final scenes (45 minutes) are culled from a video that depicts some improvised rituals performed on an empty, sandy plain, recorded on 28 January 1996.


The three videos do not give information on how they were produced. The names of the cameramen and those cutting the material are not indicated. The technical quality of the recordings is poor, particularly at the beginning of the first video.




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