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1. February 11, 1995.


We are in a war.

We are waging a war against Satan.

He who does not know the will of God,

Says that Satan has won.

God owns the world,

God owns the entire world.

God will judge the whole world. (repeat)


Give way, you people dangerous charm […]. You see all these things here, some of them belong to pagan worship or idols, some have been recovered from native or traditional healers/doctors. This flag has been recovered from the shrine because the god (of the shrine) has a Nigerian flag. So you see, they are in different sets. There is a standing mirror there.

It is there that a man can be invoked and he appears on the mirror and is killed on that mirror for people to see.

This is the type of function that the mirror has: They are used by native doctors or traditional medicine men/experts. (Now) let's move from the different masquerades to all these gods. It is this god that owns all the pieces of cloth here. When the god kills a person, all the clothing materials belonging to the person are packed and brought to the shrine of the killer. It is the god that now owns all the clothing outfits here. This god here is one of them – the god about which we are talking – it is Adoro Alor.


Adoro Alor is the name of the god. This is one of them, too. Both this and that one belong to the same god. If you then get (deeper) into the shrine, you will see different types of gods. Down that way, you will find another (must refer to various carvings of them).

Can you name it?

We do not know its name.

Yes, that one is called Akatakpa. It is one of those on display. It kills people, too. If you look (a bit), you will see a box of victim’s clothes. It is the clothing materials of its victims that are here put together, including their skulls. If you look, you will see human bones. When it kills a person, the victim is carried to its shrine. You will see different artifacts, including these used in worshipping the god. You will see a white piece of cloth and a mirror. You will also see the bones of different victims. That is why our sister and prophetess, Ngozi, has come to clear Alor Uno of these evil things. This exercise is what we describe as the Abolition of Adoro in Alor Uno, Nsukka, dated 11/2/95.


She (Ngozi) wants to get rid of all these evil practices, which have caused decay and lack of progress in Alor Uno. If you look, you will see the photograph of Jesus Christ. We do not know what they did with (it). But Prophetess Ngozi has said that God has called her to stop these evil practices. You will see different concoctions of different people. They brought them out denouncing the Devil and his work. You will see that all these are concoctions that harm people, including the powerful oracle.

As things stand, explain to us these things on the drum.

These things are concoctions of Reuben Onah, a native doctor. They are from his house.

Did he bring them out himself?

Yes, the mirror is what he uses to kill people. He asserts that he will not worship these idols again.


What are these things?

They are things from the oracle (Adoro). They are part of the things from the shrine. If you look, you will see clothes. Whoever the oracle kills, it takes over the person’s clothes.

That you may know, it is Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu who fights against those who say that there won't be peace, and against all evil. As things are now, she prophecies that God has sent her to eradicate these bad things. We see the way things are going and relate them to the world. The people of Alor Uno, Ibagwa, in Nsukka Local Government Area, condemn the worship of idols. That they no longer want to worship those things (idols). If you look, you will see even a bicycle, part of the property of the victim of the oracle. The victim was also carried in the same way to the seat of the oracle.

The person is from Nsukka. Look at all these bicycles, they belong to the victims. The oracle assumes ownership of the property of the victims. Look at even the clothes including Hollandis. They all belong to different people (victims).


Whoever it kills, it takes all his household property. Look at the table fan belonging to the victim. Even the daughter of the victim is given to the oracle without bride price. That explains the presence of many women given as offering from different places in the town (Alor Uno). They are not married. My maternal grandmother claims she was sacrificed to the oracle. She is from Ibagwa. Prophetess Ngozi was also sacrificed but she ran away. She did not return again until God called her for the present mission.

These concoctions are from Reuben Onah’s house. There are old coins and human bones, that is bones of people he used in preparing his medicines and charms.

But you say that Reuben has stopped making charms?

Yes, he is converted.

Is Reuben here?

No. These are bicycles of the victims of Adoro. The bereaved brought them to him.


What are these?

They are parts of animals. They are ancient. They are called Akabo. They are from the shrine. This is also a drum from the shrine. It is beaten (for the oracle) annually.

These are charms from the converts, those who have denounced the worship of these idols. This is the signboard belonging to the native doctor Reuben Onah.

As we understand, these bags are … ?

They are the oracle's, brought to it by those he killed. There is no place that this oracle does not kill people. Sometimes the Yoruba, Igala are part of the victims.

This is a fetish made from charms. It is like a human being. Today we went to bring it, it talked like a person, but sister (the child of our mother) Ngozi sprinkled Holy Water on it and it stopped talking.


These things, if you examine them, include agents of war (missiles). Yes, these things are agents of war. That is what they include in the charms if they want to kill people. Something like thunder carries the charm to kill people. Look at this iron. It is what they put and send through thunder to hit their target.

We saw guns and rifles here. As things stand, tell us about these guns.

These guns belong to the victims of the oracle. When it kills a person, everything belonging to the person is taken to the oracle. These items belong to its victims. These chairs, boxes and pots are those of the victims. They do not belong to one person.


What is this head?

It is the head of a cow sacrificed to the idol. These are the hides of cows and horses. They are the heads here.


This looks like blood on them?

Yes. This one is a wooden gong, the gong of the masquerade, used in making music. Ome Ife Jide Ofo – this is a powerful masquerade. Yes. But it has been brought out. Its power is finished.

We have seen everything. Alright.


As things stand, let us see your face.

You are Mr … ?

Chijioke Ogbu.

You are from this Alor Uno. We see that many people witnessing the current events understand what is happening here.

There is nobody fighting here. This shows that they accept what is happening today. Yes. Everybody is happy, both boys and girls. If you look around you will not see any beautiful house. Whoever grows up is killed by poisoning. If you walk along that road, you see that all the young men who built nice houses are dead. Whoever progresses is killed after a short period. All those who built houses died without marrying. They were killed by poisoning.

Thank you very much. How is this fetish addressed?

Ezeogu. It works hand-in-hand with Adoro sometimes. It is the agent of Adoro.


You say your name is what? – Chijioke Ogbu.

Have people come out to confess and support the fight against idolatry in this town?

Yes. Both those living at home and abroad believe and support this revolution.

Okay. That means all of you support these things?

Yes. Everybody supports it, both those living at home and abroad and the elders.

I am George Benson. My father is one of the first who told them to come and remove the charms in his house.


Tell me his name.

His name is Odo nwa Ogbu. My name is George Benson. I am the son of Odo nwa Ogbu. These are the youth. If you look, you will see the youth in town. Be careful, lest you step on that thing which Odo nwa Ogbu surrendered so that Alor may be good.

If you come to our village, the full name of Alor is Egbede Alor Uno.

Are you all from the same place with Albert? Okay.

The progenitor of the sons of Egbede Alor Uno lends support to this purification. He has removed everything associated with idols from his house. He agreed happily. And he has surrendered to Jesus.

The chief priest of Umu Egbede, Chief Omeje Abugwu.

Okay, he surrendered to Jesus long ago.


I am Frederick Eze. My popular nickname is ‘Fedeco’. I am current. He has been the chief priest for Alor for ten years.

Obodo Uzu Ukwueze (the deity). It says he does not want him again. He is dead however. When he was alive, he said that the deity was of no benefit to the people, that instead of being of use, people lost.

In ten years that he was the custodian of the shrine, he achieved nothing because he relied on what people offered as sacrifices. That is why people rejected it. In answer to our prayers, about four years ago, God sent us somebody to destroy all these things.


The charismatic group, I am happy, came last year, had a seminar and announced the coming of Jesus. They prophesied that Jesus has said that He will come through somebody that they did not know. This lady, Sister Ngozi, arrived about four months ago. She is a native. She is from this Umu Egbede. The first day she came here, her father died. When he died, it was said that the oracle killed him, you understand? And it is the same concoction that killed her mother before she started her mission work here. Initially we thought she could not do the work. The Government cannot do for us in ten years what she has done for us here.


Is there anybody who could be called upon to do this job?

She has done it free. We, the youth, are happy.

Those living abroad (outside the town) send words asking her to go ahead in her good works. It is only murderers who do not believe in what is being done. They are those who send charms through Adoro to kill people. The other people will invite the police, but we have come out ready to fight to finish. That is how it is.

We are the youth. It is this place that I showed you that her father built a house. She looked for a place to build a church. She did not find any place. She demolished her father's house. You can see the pieces of blocks from the house. People accuse her of demolishing people's houses, but it is only her father's house that she demolished.

That is her father's compound?

If you look, you will see industrial blocks for a new church. So the land is her father's. I think you understand. It is for the progress of Alor Uno.


The person talking hails from the same place as Ngozi. She knows everything about this place. She is my half cousin. Her father's name is Obeta nwa Ogbu (Obeta son of Ogbu). My father's name is Odo nwa Ogbu, while my own name is George Benson Ogbu (popularly called Area Commander).

I do not know you. I came and just met you. Are you a journalist?

I teach at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Face this way, master. Will it be in English or Igbo?

English preferably.


Right now, can you tell us what is happening here today in this town? Are you from this town?

Yes, I am a youth leader.

A youth leader in the church or in the town?

Yes, in the town. Thank you very much. It is good that you asked. I am an indigene of this community and in fact, my uncle who is my stepfather now was the high priest of this demolished Adoro. He is still living. He was the immediate past priest before the demolition of Adoro. He is there.

Is it near?


You will take us to him.


We feel that this shrine actually deserves the treatment meted to it. That is the concrete annihilation because the people misused it. Those that are the custodians of that shrine, which they misused, evoked it to cause societal distress including maiming and killing people. We believe that these shrines are demonic in nature because they have not facilitated the development needed in the community. Rather what we experience is high death rate, abject poverty in all its ramifications because we have not seen any individual here who has progressed to the limits of his ambition. They normally kill progressive people with these charms you see here. You can see that these things are not for good. Any harbinger of these things is devilish. You see, that is why people rally around the prophetess whom we regard as the Messiah and protector of our rights. We were helpless before God sent her to us. We will even like the government and the world, through you, to know about this idol that was hitherto presumed to be very powerful. People feared it; the present action against it was thought to be impossible. It has happened and we are happy about it. Thank you very much.


This is blessed (holy) water.


What is your name? – Ezea.

What is the name of this church?

Its name is Jehovah Messiah Alleluya Hosanna Mission Alor Uno.

Yes. Are there any sick people?

If you look, you will see people sitting and others standing. If you look at the person in white apparel, it is holy healing that she is applying. She is close to her. If you examine them, they are recovering from their sickness. People from different places are here. People from Eziagu, Igala, Hausa, Yoruba, Odoru, Ovoko, Obukpa, Nsukka etc. The church is for everybody. It is not for one person. It is for the whole world.


We see you wearing chaplet. Is it chaplet?

Yes. Look at my own chaplet. You see this chaplet, God performed miracles. But for Sister Ngozika whom God sent to us, many people would have died. We pray that all the people fighting Sister Ngozi may repent. This is because God has sent Ngozi to reform this town. This is the person who performs holy healing. The water here is used in the healing after it has been blessed. These people are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

These are the sick. They are healed free of charge. Instead of charging the sick she uses her money to buy what she requires to perform the healing.


Where are you from?

I am from Obukpa.

Since you have been here, under the care of Sister Ngozi, has she ever asked you for money?

No. She has not talked about money.

Your ailment, are you getting better?

Yes. I am improving.

You have seen how all of them are happy. I will show you a mad man with handcuffs that was brought today. Mad people, the ogbanje, the poisoned and people with different ailments are here. She does not take money from anybody. She is doing the work of God.


Background song:

Whoever you may be, I will defeat you, Devil.

It is you that I am talking to. (repeat)

By the power of God, they are getting better. This person is from Ibagwa Ani, this one from Itchi, this one from Obukpa, this one from Alor Uno, this one from Obukpa.

Are you looking at me? This person and this one are of the same parents. The name of this is Boniface Itodo, but this is Onyema Itodo. This person is Ezeja Itodo, the father of Onyema and Boniface Itodo.

What is your name? – Ezeja Itodo.

Are you the father of these two children?

What did he say?

The men asked: … The question was repeated and he confirmed that he was their father.

This woman is telling me that she is not here body and soul with others. It is this morning that he brought her here. His child is mad, so he tied her legs to a tree. The woman's name is Benedith Omeke from Ibagwa Aka.


Background song:

We shall return to heaven.

These people falling about are inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is prophecy that is inspiring this person. These are our music makers. This person is one of the persons that Sister Ngozi saved. He is from Unadu.

What is your name? – Benedith Aduku.

Are you well? Did Sister Ngozi charge you any money? – No.


This place is my father's land. Look at these. Felling the cola acuminata and orange trees is to enable us build a house for the sick. I returned and was happy because God sent Ngozi to consecrate Alor Uno. Alor Uno has been in trouble for a long time. Alor does not have any amenities, and we think it is caused by the oracle. For instance the electricity in Nsukka is not up to two miles away from Alor, yet Ibagwa Ani, Edem and Okpuje have electricity originating from Alor. Still Alor does not have electricity. We think that it is the oracle that caused this. But for the coming of Ngozi, we would continue to see the intermittent killing of our future hopes. Within minutes, they kill them through poisoning.

On our own part, we assert that long ago our ancestors worshipped this oracle. Now we shall not worship any idol. Those living at home, those abroad and every other person have unanimously agreed that we shall no longer worship it (the oracle).


I am Albert Eze. My father is Ogbu nwa Eze. My father's land starts from here. I sacrificed it for the building of houses for the sick. Look at it, this is where the sick shall stay. We have not built a church. We do not have money for building a church. The money for building a church has not come. Everybody happily agrees that the oracle shall not be in our town any more.


Mr Brother Johnson Asogwa. We are happy to see somebody like you. Where are you?

I am an Onitsha-based businessman. I am from Owere Alor Uno. I am full of happiness, that our town has been transformed into a tourist centre. We initially rejected this oracle called Adoro. This oracle is a charm of our ancestors. As apocryphally handed down to us, it was concocted. It then killed our people and people of other towns. When it kills, it assumes ownership of the property of the victims such as those illustrated initially. Some of the property is brought home alive while others are brought after the death of the victims sacrificed to this oracle. Last year Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu, a native, arrived. She says that these things have to stop. She commands the support of both the young and the old. Those on the opposition are few. They are those who benefit from the sacrifices made to this oracle. But now all of us are agreed. Thank you very much.

As Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu prepares to establish the church, everybody supports her. As we are living witnesses, she heals the sick.


We saw somebody who was tied.

Yes. This person you see in chains is the person whose mother complained to me asking why he should be isolated from the others. I explained to her that he (the person in chains) will be rehabilitated quietly later because he has the martial arts (Karate) skill. If you examine my palm, you will see the injury I sustained from him in the morning while trying to hold him in the morning. I did not know then that he is skilled in the martial arts.

There is nobody that she charges money or demands goats before giving treatment. She uses only prayers for healing people. Once one is a Christian, she accepts him into the fold.

Yes, of whatever denomination, whether Catholic, Anglican, Efak etc. It is for everybody. It is a non-denominational church. Thank you very much.

She says that even if one were her brother or sister, such a person is free to worship anywhere, once such a person is godly. Thank you very much.


It is clear that many people come here. Yes. You can see bags belonging to people who have come to sympathize with the sick. If you look towards the place where that woman is passing through, you will see gallons, motorcycles, bicycles and bags belonging to people from far and wide.

I belong to this sect.

What is your name?

Obi Ajulu. I am from Awkuzu. I appreciate what is happening in this town. I was a sinner but now I am converted to Jesus. I am happy now that I know God. I have everything. If I had known the nature of God, I would not have done what I did.

So you are born again?

Yes. That is why I am in this town in the company of those removing this oracle.

Awkuzu is in Anambra State. – Yes, in Oyi Local Government Area.


My name is John Ugwu.

Are you from this town?

Yes. I hail from Umu Avuru Alor Uno. I have supported what is being done right from the beginning. We started praying to God with our sister from Awkuzu. I believe Ngozi to be sent by God. She has now cleansed Umu Avuru. Even the old have repented, stopped worshipping idols and come here to kneel in prayer to God. Thank you very much.


And you?

I am Fabian Ayogu.

Are you in this thing happening?

Yes. I support it because I was saved here. I was disentangled. When Sister Ngozi came here, she had a vision about my father's family. She prophesied that three people were entangled and marked out for death by last December. But by God's will, Ngozi prayed and saved all of us from imminent death. None died. I am full of happiness because of this. Those who fight against us are those who concoct strong charms. But thanks be to God for the revolution taking place in our town today. I came back from Abuja, my base. Many are still returning, those possessed and marked out for death. Those possessed and tied in different ways, such as to trees and to the seat of Adoro shrine.


Ogbu nwa Omeje. We thank you, father. Do you understand what is happening here today? What is your opinion? Do you support what is happening? Comment.

I am satisfied with what is happening here. Nobody would deny that. When Sister Ngozi emerged, I did not come out for four months. When I came out, my hand started paining me. I asked my children to go to the diviner. I used to consult them. My children refused. They asked me to go to Afo where the sick were. I refused, but they said that if I went there, I would be saved. I then agreed. One night, one of my children brought me here. On the way, I felt as if I would die. When I arrived, people came asking me why I had come. I told them that I was sick and wished that if I had ever poisoned anybody in any way then may my ailment kill me. That if I were a witchdoctor preventing people from procreation, may my ailment kill me. But otherwise may I live. Again, if I steal to spite any man or woman, may my sickness kill me. I put these three things into prayer. They examined me and took me into the house. I did not lie down; I only sat. I did not sleep until after eight days of my stay here. I am alright now. As I entered, it appeared as if there was something pushing me down into sleep. I slept until my child went home, came back and woke me. Since then I got convinced that something good is happening here. After she came to our house and massaged me twice (here), my ailment disappeared till today. My name is Ogbu nwa Omeje Mkpozi.

Are you in Igwe’s council?

Yes. We were the custodians of this town before.

Who are you?

Ayogu. I am from Umu Egbede.

How old are you?

I am 20 years old.

How do you see this thing is happening here?

What is happening here is very good. This is because what is happening here has saved me. I would have died in December because of some illness. I appeared healthy but within me I knew I was very sick. But Sister came, made revelations and send me on errands. I was the first person that she used. Initially we avoided Christians who adorned white apparels from head to toe. Then I started pleading for peace. She revealed to me what the witches wanted to do to me. She prophesied that I would die in December. In December, I accompanied her to Awkuzu. Today I am alive. The sickness is gone. Only the bad people fight us here. They are those who concoct all sorts of powerful charms with which they kill people. For this, I pray to God so that they repent, for they know not what they do.

This person is prophesying.



What we beg Father, He does.

He does for us what we beg Him.

He is inspired by the Holy Spirit. These are selected for Holy Ghost healing. She holds sacrifices with which she heals.

These are the sick. They have come to be healed. This person is inspired by the Holy Spirit.



The Lord works miracles.

He works miracles.

This person is from Ibagwa Aka. This is Ikechuckwu from Obukpa. This is Sunday from Obukpa.



May the Devil be shamed,

May the Devil be shamed

That child is receiving holy (spirit) healing. By God's power, after the treatment, he will be alright. These are young men. The others are young women. This person is inspired by the Holy Spirit. These are led by God. Look at the person ministering to the child inspired by the Holy Spirit. The child is receiving holy (spirit) healing. The child is sick.

Even people from Ugbene Ajima are here.



May the Devil be shamed,

May the Devil be shamed.


The Lord works miracles.

He works miracles. (repeat)

This person is receiving holy (spirit) cleansing.



May the Devil be shamed. (repeat)

The Lord works miracles. (repeat)


The good await good rewards.

He who does bad things,

May he not run,

When evil consequences befall him. (repeat)

Holy healing.

If I call Him God, He will answer. If I call Him Jesus, He will answer.

God the merciful, if I call Him God, He will answer.

You, what is your name?

Chukwuma Ugwuanyi.

It was while this person endeavored to see that faith increased in this town, that I got injured. The devilish ones wanted to render him blind, the adherents of the chief.

When we went to bring Adoro from Ugbene Ani, the chief priest and the chief had sent out their soldiers to fight us. That is where I got injured.

One person from Okpuje working with the local government authority was one of those who fought us.



Protect me, good God.

Protect me, the glorious one.

The world in which we are

Is full of poisons and sacrifices.

I am frightened, oh good God.

That man is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

All the Lord's promises, he will fulfill. Our Lord does not make empty promises. He does all he says. If you are inspired by God and you use such inspiration, it will be good for you. (Praise God)

The Holy Book tells us that if we seek the faith of God, we shall first aspire to get into His kingdom, do His will and other things we need, He will satisfy and even more. (Matthew 6:33) This is God's promise to His people. (Praise the Lord)



Be whatever you like, Devil.

I will defeat you.


Thank God, the Father, on whom I depend. (repeat)

There is confusion here. Someone revealed this. We do not know whether they come for peace or war. Now they are in company of soldiers. However, the Christians have arrested one of those who have come to fight us here.

A real revolution is going on, as you can see in Alor Uno in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

What is your name? – Jonathan Eze.

From where?

I am from Alor Agu, Igbo Eze South Local Government Area.

Woman, keep quiet so that we hear what he is saying. He is my brother. Okay.

What do you want here?

I am a driver.

Where is your vehicle?

Look at it out there.

Bring it so that it will not be damaged.

The owner of the vehicle is coming.

What is wrong with you? What brought you here?

When I returned and asked about my brothers and sisters, I was told that Sister Ngozi detained them. I asked about their offence. They said it was a church (Felicia Eze and Mrs Omeke).

As you learned that they were detained, what did you do?

I asked about Patrick Ike, my in-law, married to my junior sister. I was told he was absent. I inquired about my sister and was told that she went to Aku where she was receiving treatment after an operation in her breast.

Gentlemen, if you look around, you will see Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu, and she is now talking to the people.

[…] This is what she did for the father.


This is Adoro that is much talked about. I have brought it, but he concocted another new one and gave to the people so that it might be costly. This is how he concocts and administers. Afterwards, they will bring a corpse to the place. If you go there you will see human skulls. I brought some here. The people have denounced Adoro. Each time he makes a new one. Come and see those that we arrested. They do all the bad things and support evil. I do not know when this person came. But the other one is said to have brought soldiers. He brought them in a vehicle. Soldiers guarding Nitel [telecommunication office].


People, listen! The person talking to you is the police boss in Nsukka. Listen! Praise the Lord! Listen! If you know God's law, you will know that God does not make a lot of noise. Praise the Lord!

Why I have chained these people is because they are thieves. After destroying Adoro, another problem emerged, theft. Look at the bread an old woman kept in her house. They stole it. I prayed for the Lord to reveal the thieves to me.

After prayers, God revealed them to me and brought them here. I asked everybody not to attack them. I gave them food yesterday and preached to them so that they can repent. What pained me most was that they stole a tray of my holy church (which I kept). I then prayed so that they could be arrested.

This one says that soldiers were called in. There were gunshots. If I had been there, they could have shot me, but God made me travel. I thank God because I am doing nothing bad. Praise the Lord! Don't you see a human skull? This is the one I could carry. There are many of them here. Our custom! I do not know what we could have degenerated into with our custom. But our people say they no longer want it. Praise the Lord!


Okay, thank you Ngozi. I am the DPO [Divisional Police Officer] at Nsukka. We learnt there was trouble at Alor Uno. The DPO sent me to find out what is the problem. Ngozi narrated everything to me, about confessed thieves she arrested. I told her that the laws of the government are clear on that. When thieves are apprehended, they should be dragged to the police. The police will then sue them to court where they are tried. Is it true? Yes. That is why I came here. Ngozi has done well. Thank you. I will take these people to the station where they will be tried following due process.



God, You are good. Oh, You are good.

You are good, You are good.

Praise the Lord! Please wait. Praise the Lord!

I thank you (the police) for coming to our town. Some of these thieves are from Alor, while others are not from Alor. I will continue to come to preach to them so that God may forgive them. If they repent, please release them. The one that should be punished is the mercenary, the martial artist. He came to kill people. Listen! Praise the Lord! I will continue to send them food through people. Let us go and buy food, bread, okpa, so that they eat. I do not intend to maltreat them. I want the diviners to repent. Praise the Lord! Go and buy them okpa, bread etc. I will pay for them later. Praise the Lord! I do not intend that they be maltreated. I want them to repent. I will remember that they are in detention. I will be going there to help them, to preach to them. If they repent, please release them. Praise the Lord!



God, You are good. He is good.

Do not force them. Let everybody keep quiet. The children of God are not troublesome. Praise the Lord!



Withhold your tongue. (repeat thrice)

So that it may be well with you.

Keep quiet so that I tell you another thing. This person said that if he is just punished and released, he will do worse things. He is a mercenary. He accepts contracts to murder people. He has something like a sharp knife. Where is it? He used it at my brother here.

Bring them, with the bow. There is another person at home who is at the point of death. Praise the Lord! Please listen! Is this woman one of the suspects? They will all go (to the police station). E-em. The woman carrying a baby, if you do not support them … , but …

I have forgiven you. Go home.


As things stand, it is Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu who reformed this town. The evil ones such as the thieves are being dragged to the police station.

Chief priest of Ugbene Ani, he will no longer be in his house. That is where I am going back now. That place is the seat of Adoro. We are going to work there.

Repent and be converted. Stop your concoctions!



God, You are good.

Oh, You are good.

Oh, You are good, oh.

It is now clear that he has handed over the thieves and the evil ones to the police. Where are they being taken to?

Nsukka police station. Thank you very much.



I thank You, I thank You, I thank You, Jesus.

I thank You.

Thank God on whom I depend. (repeat)

I pray that they get their reward, rebuild their faith for better in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord!



God, You are good, You are good, You are good.

Please, it will be good, if you go on evangelization. Have you evangelized? No. Go out and spread the gospel. Praise the Lord! May the Lord be with you. (reply)

Jehovah will grant all your prayers. The sick will be healed. Those who lack the spirit of repentance, may Jehovah touch them, in Jesus’ name.

Go into the church for dismissal. When we finished in the church, we went to the seat of the shrine. If you look, you will see the pathway from where the trees of the shrine were cut. That is where Adoro is located. Come here and see sacrifices to the oracle. Women do not eat anything sacrificed to the shrine. If you swear by it, it kills immediately. The seat of Adoro is at this point. Women do not go in there. That is where we are going now.

The path leading to the place is not taken by people. If anybody who is not indigenous to Alor crosses this path, he dies. There are two pathways. At the end of every month, the chief priest alternately barricades them one after the other. By God's power, we all use the pathways now.


We yearn for water. When pipe borne water came, Adoro said that it made noise and ordered that it be abandoned. It was then abandoned to waste. Look at the pipes that bore water lying there. Look at this pathway. There is a machete worshipped here. It is worshipped annually. The most powerful has this place. This is its domain. Its house has been demolished because it is no longer wanted. The shrine is surrounded by trees so that if one is killed here, he cannot get any help.

Now Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu has started to reform this town. Everybody supports her. We thank you all.

Snakes emerge from here. The first day we came, a big snake came out from these. We killed it on 2nd February 1995.


Brother Johnson Asogwa. We greet you.

The day these things were done, we took off from the church to the seat of Adoro now destroyed. Maybe a church of God will be built here. We saw Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu by the side, the one chosen by God to perform this glorious reformation.

How did you see the ongoing reformation in your town now?

I cannot finish what we see here in three days. It is when one comes that he sees for himself. Seeing is believing. This place is the shrine of Adoro, its stronghold. Only the strong ones come here. Children are not allowed to come here.

The person on my right is Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu, God's chosen reformer. She leads the reformation. Everywhere around are people who support her. I am a living witness.

Her supporters include the elite. There is one professor here. Professor. E-em. It will be nice if they bear testimony to explain why they are here.


I, myself, am in the Head of Department's office, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. One man from Alor Uno works in the office. He tells us how the prophetess reforms the town including other miracles. I disbelieved, presuming that it was personal charms of people that she was extricating. I came and saw that it was Adoro of all oracles. I thanked God as a living witness to the destruction and raking of Adoro.

This place (totally cleared) is the seat of the idol, the most notorious idol. In the olden days, the most feared gods were Adoro and Ehuru of Idora. Government in 1987/88 instituted a probe panel headed by Justice nwa Eze. After the report of the panel, Government demolished Ehuru Idora on 11th of February 1988 with a bulldozer. That was the end of Ehuru. I promised the person telling the story that would go, see and hear for myself and meet the prophetess. All I know about these reformations are based on written documents. I have not witnessed any myself. I am satisfied that I have come to bear witness to what is happening. I have read about the story of Athens, Ephesus. Today I have witnessed myself a similar story. I praise God.


I am a political philosopher, teaching philosophy in the social sciences. I tell my students that why Africa is not advanced is because they cherish their customs and insist on retaining them. These customs are leading us to nowhere. I will bring them [my students] here because they have not believed me. They insist that without culture, Africa is finished. They believe that that is where we are superior to the Whites. I asked them whether it is our self-deceit that makes us superior to the Whites, whether it is our killing of one another that makes us superior to the Whites. It is our laziness. When we are awarded contracts, we take the money without doing the job. Is this how we are superior to the Whites? Is it our fornication, our killing of other people that makes us superior to the Whites? Tell me, is our process that of the Whites? I insist on telling them in philosophy of social sciences that unless they understand and take what I say now by word, it will be quite difficult for Africans. It is the Whites who first examined the evolution of man. Is there any relationship between how they do it elsewhere and that of our fathers? That is what I teach the children at the university. I thank God as this happened close to the university. I will come with my willing students to witness what is happening. We just discussed this in our Thursday class. In the evening of the same Thursday, I came here.


Prophetess Ngozika Ogbu, we understand clearly that the people are proud of you, even though there are people who challenge you. What do you say about this?

E-em, it is caused by ignorance. Not understanding God is the cause.

But you are doing your best to educate them?


When you embarked on this total reformation, is there any particular attack of the evil spirit that you noted?

No. There is no such sign on me.

This shows that your strength and that of God surpass them. Thank you very much.

We understand that when we were praying in the church that some were sick. Do you charge them for the treatment?

Those who prayed before never charged money. Is it me then who will charge money? We do not charge any money. Whoever repents will get well. Some sicknesses are caused by ignorance of God. When one is bad, if he has any attack, God does not save him because he does not know God. Some are mad, others are poisoned. But God heals. If God heals, nobody charges money. If however such a person wishes to offer thanksgiving, nobody objects.

Thank you very much. We are convinced that many that have been healed by the power of God have been totally cured.

Yes, not only that. Women put to bed here. People also learn new languages like English here. There are other languages like Latin, Swahili, Hebrew and Akan. Language comes from God. Many people speak these languages here without going to their natural environments.

Do you cure people suffering from the fit of ogbanje?

Well, God has power over everything under the sun. Any evil is defeated by prayers.

We congratulate you, Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu. Do not despair because of any opposition. Even Jesus was tempted. That is why we came to bear witness to what is happening this day. We thank you. Praise God! (response)



God, the source of rest, source of rest.

The good one, the brother of the orphan.

Thank you. Thank you, the good one.

God is good, thank you, thank you very much.

When we started newly I told you that the time will come when I drive out with the Nigerian flag. Cars will fall in line. I told you that time will come, praise God. Now these things have not started happening. But time will come, when people will be struggling to touch me. If they touch me, they will be cured of their ailments. God promised me that long ago. Do we know when it will come? It has happened today. It is not only today. Praise the Lord! I prophesized that time when I will be escorted by policemen. Praise the Lord! The time has not come, but it will come, I tell you. Time will come when many souls will receive succor from me. Time will come in Nigeria, when there will be confusion in Nigeria and the government might be overthrown. It happened recently and the coupists were fired. Many of God's prophecies fulfill. That is why I pray against possible wars that might result from confusions in the future. I believe that this work is God's calling. It is long that the Nsukka people started suffering, especially those from Alor. That is how God wants it. All the time, we are told how the people of Israel fought against false gods that God did not want. The Israelites fought against the Philistines and Amonites. They fought on different mountains, shed blood, which God did not want. The Israelites were victorious. Before the Israelites were defeated, they infringed the law. But each time they cry to God and repent, God will forgive them, and victory will be theirs again.

If we continue having faith in God as we had now, nothing will befall us. God will answer whenever we call unto Him. But if we believe being superior to others or assume the status of God, we shall be humbled. I pray that other towns will know that there is no other superior God. Jehovah revealed to me that my mission is not limited to Alor. It is a universal assignment. That through me all oracles in different places shall be demolished. That the oracles are inferior to God. Time will come when Nigerians will almost be Christians. That time, the futility of the oracles will be evident. Everybody will let in God. I pray to God to keep me consistently in truth. Lies and craftiness end in destruction. When you see God revealed in prophets, God's power becomes fortified. God gave strength to prophets like Deborah who ruled over Israel. What destroys prophets today is the wish to own many cars instead of abiding by God's calling. There are many fraudulent prophets today. Nobody knows the genuine ones. The use of earthly power in disguise of spiritual power destroys prophets. That is it.

I came from Makurdi. I am from Owerri. I schooled at Nsukka. I got the news of what is happening through my friend. I told him that I will come to witness things myself. That is why I have come this Sunday. I have seen everything myself. I arrived when soldiers were shooting irately.

I saw a big shrine brought here. I wept. I thanked God for all the powers He gave to you for this work on earth. May God grant you the strength to eradicate all the evil things in Nigeria so that people will acknowledge the existence of God. The world is rotten. Thank be to God.



On God we depend.

On Jesus we depend. (repeat)

… that I will be persecuted there. However, God said that I should start from home so that when I am persecuted I will not be in anguish because I had already suffered such persecution in my homeland.

You see? That is how it is.

When I go to any place, if people think I am overstaying my welcome, I depart from there. That is how Jesus did. He had no permanent place of residence. He preached to nations, curing the sick, preaching repentance because the most important thing in the world is one's soul. This human skull shows that life is vanity. Maybe while the people were alive, they were proud and stubborn. Where are they today? These are their bones. Man is moulded of sand. You must only follow me. You have to do the will of God, by following the precepts of Jesus. He said that if one were to follow him, such a person has to follow his precepts. He is the truth and life. If you follow me about performing miracles but you do not know the laws of God or keep them and follow the precepts of Jesus as the only savior and life, you will end up in hell because Sister will lead you to nowhere. Everybody will account for his actions.

As you follow me, ask yourself where you will be when you die. That is most important. Some only follow Ngozi, without knowing this basic truth. May God help us through Jesus. Jehovah told me that we shall be here. That I shall come back after all sojourns. I have seen that it is true. That is the end of my prayers, but things have to be as they should be.

Before, nobody takes anything placed here. Alor will recognize my contributions to them at last. If you know, I will know too.


What is your name? – Chukwuemeka Eze.

Do you like these things you see here? – Yes.


What is your name? – Onah Frederick.

Do you like what is happening here? – Yes.

How many years are you? – I am 15 years old.


I remember two names during the time of Gideon (in the Bible). His father was the chief priest of the Israelites. He was called Ashera. What our sister has done here is analogous to what God did through that man, before the Israelites were able to fight and defeat their enemies. In France a woman summoned courage to lead a war successfully against their enemies. The present war is led by our sister here. The woman is called Joan of Arc, everybody repeat, Joan of Arc. I referred them also to what happened in Ephesus where all these worshipping false gods brought them out and burnt them. Saint Paul did a lot to propagate the word of God. Today the word of God has spread everywhere. I read that portion when I saw what Reuben Onah willingly brought out, including his signpost. Is that not what it is called? Yes.

I will like, why we are taking a rest, to remind you what is written about the Israelites (written in the Bible) which has caused me to refer to Gideon, a thing similar to what is happening here (I am reading from Judges, chapter 6, verses 11 to 21: Gideon’s call).

Praise the Lord!

Luke 10:19.

2. 12th of March, 1995.


We are in Ugbene Alor Uno. The tree you are looking at is the tree of the shrine. This tree is that of witches and witchcrafts. They conduct their meetings here. This is where they kill and possess people. When Prophetess Ngozi found out that it was their meeting point, she ordered that it should be cut down. It took two days to fell. Before it fell, he made some noise.

Our people, now that we have finished our prayers and gone to the forest with Sister Ngozi, we are back into the church. As people take a rest, let us hear from one of the brethren who helps to conduct things here.

Brother. We have gone to the forest and come back. Tell us how you saw the big forest. Tell us also whether there is any division caused by the oracle between people of within and from other places.

Thank you very much. I join the youths to thank God because of the wonderful work performed by Sister Ngozi Ogbu here. In Alor, there appear to be two camps. There is segregation. What is the cause? It is this oracle called Adoro. There is social stratification between the slave and freeborn. Adoro caused this division. However, with the coming of Sister Ngozi Ogbu, we are one. There is no longer any division.

Thank you. Those people who said they are from other towns, are they here now?

Yes. They have repented and become happy Christians. Yes, everybody. Thank you.


What words of advice or encouragement would you give those who are frightened by the coming of enemies such as the coming of the police? After their coming, including the coming of the soldiers, all became futile. This shows the superiority of the power of God over that of the Devil. What would you tell the youths concerning what is happening here at (Alor Uno)?

Thank you very much. My words of encouragement to other supporters of Prophetess Ngozi are as follows. As Christ told us in the book of Luke, whoever God shows yam, He will provide him with a digger. God has fortified the followers of Ngozi before now. You witness the multitude of people present here because of what happened today. It is true that soldiers and policemen came, but it was children who ran. The grown-up did not run. The soldiers went back in disgrace. The same thing applied to the police. Later he was the person who got locked up.

I advise my brethren to be patient. Christ had the same persecution on earth. God's ways are thorny. One suffers a lot along His pathways. After labour, there is always pleasure.


Now Sister Ngozi is leading us to the Promised Land. For years we have lived under the tutelage of Adoro. Today we are both hated and marginalized. All the neighboring towns including Nsukka, Ibagwa Ani, Okpuje and Obukpa hate us. We cannot intermarry or socialize with them because of Adoro. But now we are liberated. So till they come again. Sister Ngozi said that it will be like Jerusalem. As you come to take some sand, take Holy Water too. People from Okpuje have come and taken their own Holy Water. The other neighboring towns who hate us have come here to take Holy Water. We thank God for that. Praise the Lord! (response)


What is your name?

Johnson Asogwa, Onitsha-based businessman.

Thank you very much, Johnson.


As things stand now, there are sick people being prayed for by Sister Ngozi Ogbu.

We want to know about our sister, Sister Caroline Eze.

Caroline Eze, where are you from?

I am from Enugu Ezike.

You are from Enugu Ezike, but you are in Alor Uno? – Yes.

Why are you here today?

It appears there was an epidemic in our town, so they wanted to use me as a sacrifice. It was said that my ancestor did something in those days. That he disputed over a piece of land with another man, so the opponent buried conviction in that piece of land, and so there was an epidemic. They banished me to Alor Agu to be married to a native without any bride price. They took me there, so I learned about Sister Ngozi who liberates people from bondage. I came here immediately.

So you want redemption and to be converted to Christianity?

Since you have been here, I hope you are happy. – Yes.

You are no longer frightened? – Yes.

Thanks. And you say you are Caroline Eze from Enugu Ezike? – Yes.



This is what sister is, in his brother's house.

The young Ogbu. I am Ngwu nwa Ayogu. My nickname is ‘the Young’. I thank God for the things our sister does. Since she was born unto us, we have been happy. Before she came, we did not know we were in darkness. We knew God with her coming. We did not know that later we would join in fellowshipping with her because we were not Christians. We believed that God would not save Christians. We were traditionalists, concocted charms and consulted diviners. It was when she came from her husband’s that she told us that something was in the offing. She came with her congregation and predicted what was wrong with whomever they met. The people wondered. But she told the people that if they prayed, their ailments would stop. When one kneels down in the church and he is prayed for, the person’s ailments disappear. We conclude that salvation has come. She told us that those charms in our homes shall not save us.

She said that we had to throw them away so that we become free. She predicted that these charms were part of our problems, and that our religious practices were false. She asserted that they are harbingers of witchcraft. It will demand propitiation, after which the problem intensifies. If you go to the diviner, the charms and fetishes will demand goats, dogs, sheep, but they will solve no problems. Since Sister Ngozi established this church, everybody sleeps peacefully at night. All the problems we used to encounter have stopped.


Now if you go to the market you buy and sell quickly. Witches no longer trail anybody. All the witches have disappeared. Nobody hears about them again. We thank God about this. These are good things. In our town, there are shrines. We thought they were god, without knowing that they deceived us. She told us on arrival that these things were not God, the creator of the universe. We concurred. She demolished and raked all the shrines in Umu Egbale. Initially we thought we are finished. But now we sleep peacefully. Everybody is healthy.

She ventured into other parts of Alor. Everybody supported her. It is only those who hate what is good that oppose her. Our neighboring towns dissociate themselves from us. We never knew someone could transform the town and liberate us from this oracle, Adoro, a concoction of our ancestors. People are happy about her mission, except the bad eggs.

We thank God for this work and pray for its progress. We understand that you as an elder agree that Ngozi has brought a blessing to the town. As an elder, we understand that there are devilish people who stratify the town into opposing social groups. What do you advise the elders who do not agree to this transformation?


I will advise my other elder townsmen to abandon these oracles and look unto the God introduced by Ngozi. The truth is that they are believing. The most remarkable is that the progenitors of Umu Egbede is converted and is now the chief priest of Jesus. He says he now believes in Jesus, not the Devil. We applaud him. Everybody in Umu Egbede believes in the teaching of Ngozi’s church. We are all Christians, we assert that we no longer worship idols so that we can emerge from darkness.

Thank you.

Okay. Welcome. Your speech is good. I wish we could continue but there is no longer any time.

You say you are? – I, myself, am ‘Young’.

(The End)




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