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1. February 11, 1995



We are at war, we are at war with the Satan.

One who does not know the will of God says that the Satan triumphs. (repeat)

God owns the world. God owns the whole universe.

God will pronounce his judgment on the universe. (repeat)

You, give chance. You can see the national flag being placed here. You can also see some of the fearful charms. You can see […] which is using the picture of Jesus Christ. You can see some dangerous concoctions in water. You can see all sorts of dirty and dangerous charms. Do you see all these things here? Some of them belong to deities. Some of them were brought from a native doctor. But this flag is from the deity that has Nigerian flag.

There are different sets. There is a standing mirror there. It is in that mirror that they invoke and kill people. That is the work of the mirror. They are from the native doctor.

There are also different masks and the things that belong to the deity. All these cloths belong to it. Any person that the deity exterminates, all his/her belongings would be brought to it hence they belong to it. This one here is one of the deities people talk about.


Adoro Alor is its name. That is the one standing inside there.

What is its name?

That is the Adoro Alor. If you come here you will see different gods.

Can you call the names?

No, we do not know their names. Oh! Yes, that one is called ‘Akatakpa’. It used to kill. Therefore we brought it out.


If you look around you will see suit cases. They are from Adoro’s victims, even human skull and skeleton. Whenever it killed a person, the coffin was normally brought to its domain. You will also see different things used in appeasing the god – things like the white cloth, the mirror and different bones of people. That is why our sister Prophetess Ngozi came to clear and put an end to all the bad things in Alor Uno today. It is known as abolition of Adoro in Alor Uno, Nsukka, dated 11. 2. 95. All things in connection with witchcraft/native doctors or sorcerers that deter people’s progress.

If you look you will see the picture of Jesus Christ. We do not know what they do with it, but Prophetess Ngozi said that all those things have been set ablaze by God. Look around, you will see different gods made by different people which they brought and confessed that they have rejected, including also Satan and its principalities and actions they abscond from. You will see different types of idols that are harmful to human beings, also big masks.


With the present state of things, tell us those things on the drum.

Those things are idols/gods from the native doctor (sorcerer) Reuben Onah.

Were all these things brought out by him?

Yes. That mirror is what he used in killing people. He said that he will never worship the idol again.

What are those things over there?

They are the things from the deity (Adoro). They are part of the things belonging to it. Look at the cloths from its victims.


For your information, it is Prophetess Ngozika Ogbu who is waging war against the supporters of bad omen and those that are enemies of progress. In the event of the present circumstances she said that God sent her to clear or put an end to those bad things today. We are living witnesses to what is taking place, and we try to relate to the world, the Alor people, Ibagwa in Nsukka Local Government Area. The actual state of things and the way they happened as a proof that they do not want the Adoro any longer or any idol worshiping. If you watch, you will notice the bicycles from the idol’s victims, also a corpse was brought to it. The person was from Nsukka. Look at all those bicycles. They are from its victims. All the properties of its victims are usually brought to it. Look at those cloths (Hollandis). In fact, all household properties, e.g. table fan etc. It is after taking the corpse to it and whatever properties the person has, then the first daughter of the person would be given to the shrine without any bride price. That is why if you enter into the village, you will see people, i.e. women from different places, brought as sacrifice. They are not being married. My grandmother was a victim. She is from Ibagwa. Prophetess Ngozi was also a victim but she ran away. She refused to go there as a sacrificed person to Adoro. Today, she is a chosen person of God.


These idols came from Reuben Onah’s house. Among the things from his house are the old kobo currency and different types of human bones which he used to prepare idols or charms.

Do you say that Reuben has stopped practicing herbaI work?

Yes. He has repented.

Reuben, is he here? – No.


These are the motorcycles from the Adoro’s victims brought to it.

What are these things?

It is animal parts. It is from the old people. Its name is Akabo. It was from the shrine. These sets of band instruments were from the shrine. Every year they play the drums for it in all the Alor community.

These are the idols or charms from the people who have repented and vowed not to worship idols. This sign-board is from the native doctor, Reuben Onah.

We understood that. These beds are […].

They belong to the shrine. They were from the victims. There is no place the idol/shrine does not victimize people. Sometimes it used to kill the Yorubas, Igalas, etc. That is why you will see people here from those areas used to sacrifice to the idol or shrine.

This one is prepared by a wizard in human form. The day we brought it, it was speaking like human being. But Sister Ngozi sprinkled holy water on it and it stopped talking.

Taking a look at all these things, we saw things like war instruments, e.g. iron.

Yes. They are instruments of war. They use it in preparing ‘juju’ whenever they want to kill through thunder strike. It is being sent through thunder for destruction. We saw guns and also small rifles in this place.

With respect to the situation, tell us what you know about the guns?

The guns belonged to the shrine’s victims, i.e. the people so killed by the Adoro. Whenever it kills a person who has a gun, definitely after bringing the corpse to it, all other things would follow. For example the bags and the iron pots etc. do not belong to one person. All these things belong to different individuals killed by the shrine.

What is that animal skull?

It is a cow skull used to appease the shrine. These are bones of cows and horses as well as skulls too.

Are there things like blood on them?

Yes. This one is a stick – an instrument for making music on wooden gong for the masquerade. It is ome ife jide ofo. The masquerade is a powerful one. Yes, but its power has stopped hence it is here.

The event has been peaceful, no fight, no quarrel which signifies that the people appreciate and support today’s event.


Yes. Everybody is very happy, most especially, the young men and women. The reason is that if you look around you will not find a very nice building. It is because the prosperous youths were pre-maturely killed. If you go down this road you will see some good houses but the owners have died at bachelorhood.

Thank you very much. What do you call this deity?

‘Ezeogu’. It is the Adoro’s second in command.

What is that your name?

Chijioke Ogbu.

Is there the zeal, support and encouragement in the fight against the idols in this town?

Yes. All the home and abroad people of this town are in support of this war against idols.

Therefore, it is generally accepted.

Yes. Okay.

I am George Benson. Everybody is in support – the young and the old, home and abroad. My father was one of the very first persons who asked for the removal of the idols in his house.

Tell me his name.

His name is Odo nwa Ogbu.

These are the youths. Take it easy or else you step into that. Odo nwa Ogbu surrendered and declared that it is his wish for Alor to be cleansed.


The name of this village is Umu Egbede Alor Uno.

You and Albert, you come from the same area? Okey.

The oldest man from this village is in support. He even demonstrated his support by bringing out and rejecting all the idols in his house under his care.

He is the chief priest of the village Umu Egbede, and he happily surrendered to Jesus long ago.


I am Fredrick Eze. I am known as ‘Fedeco’. I am a member of the music group. The chief priest of the deity known as ‘Obodo Uzu Ukweze’ in the whole Alor for ten years (now late) said that it does not pay any man any good worshipping idols. He emphasized that it is the worst in their own case because they get from what people gave as sacrifice. Throughout the ten years of his tenure as the chief priest, he did not achieve any good thing, he lamented. According to him, instead it leads to a loss.

That is why the entire community is tired and willing to reject it. It has been in prayer since over four years for God to send the Messiah who would deliver us from this ugly situation.


I was happy last year when there was a seminar. The ‘Charism’ people came and revealed that God has already sent someone to do the deliverance but nobody knew who it was. Then about four or six months later, this lady, Sister Ngozi, came. She is from this village Umu Egbede. The first day she arrived to this place, she stayed where her parents died, i.e. the worshipping ground as you can see. It is being said that the Adoro killed her parents.

Not until she came, we never expected that any human being can do this mighty work that she has done. What she did for us, no one, even the government, cannot do it in ten years. She has done it free of charge. We the youths are very happy. The people who live abroad also sent down their messages encouraging her to continue in her work.

It is only the set of people who are enemies of progress, who even kill, that kick against what is happening here today. These people act in disguise of Adoro in carrying out their dubious acts. They are the people who call the Police for us. But we are out for it. That is the situation.


We are the youths. As I explained earlier, that praying ground is where her father died. She looked for a place where she could build a church, could not get, then she demolished her father’s old buildings. You can see the pieces of blocks from the old structure. The land belongs to her father. I think you understand. It is for the progress of Alor Uno. I tell you all these things because I am from the same village with Ngozi. Therefore, I know everything about here. Her father is Obeta Nwa Ogbu. My own father Odo nwa Ogbu is her father’s direct elder brother – the same father. My own name is George Benson Ogbu.


I do not know who you are?

I came and joined you. Are you of the Press?

I am a lecturer in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Face here. Shall we discuss in Igbo or in English?

English preferably.


Right now, can you tell us what is happening here today in this town? Are you from this town?

Yes. I am a youth leader.

A youth leader in the church or in the town?

Yes, in the town. Thank you very much. It is good that you asked. I am an indigene of this community and in fact, my father, my uncle who used to be my father now, was the high priest of this demolished Adoro. He is still living. He was the immediate past priest before the demolition of the Adoro. He is there.

Is it near? – Yes.

You will take us to him.


We feel that this shrine actually deserves the treatment meted to it. That is the correct annihilation because the people were misusing it by inciting it to cause societal distress and using it to maim individuals or even kill them in some cases. We believe that these shrines are demonic in nature because they have not helped in any way to improve the much needed developmental progress in this community. Rather what we witness is high rate of death, abject poverty in all its ramifications because we have not seen any individual here who has progressed to his wish.

They normally knock the person down through all these things that you can see here. Looking at all these things here, you can see that they are never for good. Anybody who harbors all these things is very close to the devil. You see that is why the people are rallying round the prophetess whom we regard as the Messiah and rescuer of our own people right now, because we seemed to be helpless already, before God sent her to us.

We will even like the government if you can help us may be to let the whole world know of it because this idol is hitherto known as a very powerful oracle. People feared it. The present action was thought to be an impossibility but it has happened now and we are very much happy about it.

Thank you very much.



This one is holy water.

What is your name?


What is the name of this church?

The name is Jehovah Messiah Alleluya Hossana Mission, Alor Uno.

Yes. Are there some sick people?

If you look you will see some of them standing up and some sitting down among them. You will see the person very close to her dressed. She is receiving spiritual healing from her. They are recovering from their illness. People from different areas and tribes are here, e.g. people from Ezeagu, Igala, Hausa, Yoruba, Odoru, Ovoko, Obukpa, and Nsukka etc. The church is for everybody. It is not discriminatory.

We can see you are wearing chaplet, isn’t it?

Yes, see my chaplet as it is. God performed miracle. If not for Sister Ngozi that God sent to us, many people would have died. We are all praying that all these people opposing and fighting this sister should repent because God sent her to cleanse this town.

This person is the spiritual healer. All these water are being used for healing the sick when they have been blessed. These are the sick people. The way she heals the sick people, she does not ask people to pay. Rather, she even spends to get the necessary materials she uses for such work.


Where do you come from?

From Obukpa.

Since a long time you have been here receiving healing from Ngozi. Has she ever asked you to pay any sum of money?

No. She has not talked about money.

Are you getting better from your illness?


Do you see how all of them rejoice? I will show to you a mad person tied both hands and the legs who was brought today. Among the sick people here are the people who suffer from different ailments. Such illness like madness, re-incarnation [of Ogbanje spirits], poison, stomach or headache etc. She did not take or demand money from anybody. She is merely doing God’s work.



Be you anything I will conquer you.

Satan it is you that I tell. (repeat)

By the grace of God, they are recovering. This person is from Ibagwa Ani, the other from Itchi, Obukpa, Alor Uno, etc.

Do you watch me? These two people are brothers of the same parents. They are Boniface Itodo and Onyema Itodo and their father is this Ezeja Itodo.

What is your name?

Ezeja Itodo.

Are you the biological father of these boys here?

What did he say? Ezeja asked.

The question was repeated and he answered ‘yes’, confirming it.

This woman, what she is telling me is that her son is not among these people. She brought her son here in the morning. He is mad and he was tied to a tree. The name of the woman is Benedette Omeke from Ibagwa-Aka.



We shall go to heaven.

These people who are staggering are carried by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is this person. These are the people who play music for us.

This is one of the people Sister Ngozi delivered. The person is a native of Unadu.

What is your name? – Benedette Aduku.

Are you now okay from your illness? – Yes.

Did Ngozi take any money from you? – No.


Here is my father’s land. Look at it there. See the kola and orange trees cut down in order to build the place for the sick people. I was happy when I came back because Ngozi was purposely sent by God to come and cleanse this town from the age-long troubles or sufferings it has been. Alor is lacking prominent people. So many things happen in this town for which, we think, Adoro is responsible. For example, the electricity in Nsukka is not up to two miles away from here. Other towns situated behind us have electricity through this town from Nsukka while we do not have it. The towns I mean are Ibagwa-Ani, Edem and Okpuje. We think that it was caused by Adoro.

Unitl Ngozi came, there used to be frequent deaths of the future hopes of this town. They were being poisoned. Therefore, we decided that it has taken our people who worshipped the idols. But now we reject it and put an end to it. It was unanimously agreed by both home and abroad citizens of this town.


I am by name Albert Eze and my father’s name is Ogbu nwa Eze. It is my decision that the portion [of land] be used for building the place for the sick people. We have not built the church due to lack of money, but we have generally accepted that the shrine will no longer exist.

Mr. Brother Johnson Asogwa. It is my pleasure that we are able to get a person of your type here. Where do you put up?

I am Onitsha based businessman. I am from Owerre Alor Uno. My heart is filled with joy because this my town has now become a place of interest where people come from different quarters to see things for themselves. We have been rejected because of this Adoro put in place by the old people. We were made to understand that the Adoro was made by a wizard for our people. It started killing them and even other people from other towns. Whenever it killed, it took the person’s belongings, such as the things showed to you earlier. Dead bodies were even brought to it and also the living beings are used to sacrifice to it. It was just last year when the daughter of the soil, Sister Ngozi, came to intervene and put an end to it. She has the support of both the old and the young. The people against it are very minute and are those who gain from what people sacrifice to the idol. Now all of them have agreed to have a change.

Thank you very much.


As the Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu is preparing to erect her church building, the town has assured her of massive support and asked her to go ahead. We saw that she heals the sick. Also seen was a person in chains.

Yes. That is the only person in chains, as you can see. His mother was asking me in the morning why her son was not in the midst of the sick people here. He was put separately. I told her that he shall join them in due course in a more careful manner because the man is a ‘karate’. Look at my hand and see the wound he inflicted on me when I wanted to get hold of him in the morning. By then, I did not know.

She does not ask anybody to bring goat or money in order to receive healing. It is only prayer that she uses. She accepts everybody who believes in the Bible. Yes, any Christian from any denomination, be it Catholic, Anglican, EFAC etc. It is the church for all. It is a non-denominational church.

Thank you very much.


She said that even if she is the same father and mother with a person who does not like worshipping with her, the person is free to go to any church, provided the person lives righteous life that will please God.

Thank you very much.


It is clear to us that a lot of people come to this place.

Yes. You can see a lot of bags and other different things brought by the people who come here to look after the sick people. Look at the place that woman is passing. You will see the gallons, mats, motorcycles and bicycles that belong to the visitors.


Are you a member? – Yes, I am.

What is your name?

Obi Ajulu. I am from Awkuzu. What is happening in this town interests me. That is why I came down. I have been doing all sorts of bad things but now I have known Jesus and I have repented. Now that I know God I feel very happy and lack nothing. If I knew that God is good, I shouldn’t have done all the bad things.

That is to say that you have repented?

Yes. That is why I am able to be in this town and participate in the clearing of the idols.

Awkuzu is in Anambra State. – Yes. The one in Oyi Local Government Area.


What is your name?

My name is John Ugwu.

Are you from this town?

Yes. I am from Umu Avuru Alor Uno. I have been in support of what is happening right from the start. We started worshipping with Sister Ngozi right from Awkuzu. I received blessing from God. She has worked and cleansed my village. Even the old men who were title holders have repented and stopped idol worshipping. They all come to kneel down here and pray to God.

Thank you very much.


What of you?

I am Fabian Ayogu.

This occasion going on, do you support it?

Yes, I support it because this is where I got deliverance. I came out of my bondage when sister Ngozi arrived to this place and saw a vision on my father’s compound. She said that three people were to die last December but she cancelled it with prayers in God’s name. Therefore, none of us died. I am very happy for that. The people who fight against us are the bad idol worshippers. But I thank God for today’s event. I stay in Abuja. From there I came down to this place and many more people shall come back because they are in bondage and are to be killed with poison.


Ogbu nwa Omeje. Father we say greetings to you. Did you understand what has been happening here today? What is your opinion? Do you support what is happening? Tell us your opinion.

What is happening here gives me joy. There is no man or woman who would say he or she is not happy. When Sister Ngozi came, I did not come out for over four months. The day I came out something – illness destabilized this my arm. I told my children to go to a diviner that I am used to. They said no and asked me to go to the market, i.e. here, where the sick people stay. I asked them if I could be healed if I go. I accepted to go. One night, one of my children brought me here. On my way to this place, it seemed as if I would die. On arrival, people rushed to me, asking me why I was here. I told them that I was sick. In my defensive oath and entreaty, I wished that if I have ever poisoned any man or woman through food or snuff, let me die from the sickness. Also, if I did wish anybody not to give birth, let the sickness exterminate me. But if I am free from all these things, I shall recover from the illness. I went on to say that if I have ever stolen people’s belongings in order to make them suffer, the same thing should happen to me. These things I said, after which they put me into a room and examined me. Before I came down to this place, I never slept for over eight days. All the time I kept sitting down, I never laid my back on my bed. But immediately I was taken into the room, it seemed as if something was pushing me to lie down. From there, I sIept. My child went home and when he came back, he woke me up and I started getting better. She (Ngozi) later came to my house and rubbed my arm twice where I feel pains and I got alright. It was then that I knew that what they do here is right.


What do you say is your name?

My name is ‘Ogbu nwa Omeje’, title name ‘Nkpoozhi’.

Are you a member of Igwe’s cabinet?

Yes. We are the people who guard the town.

Ayogu. I am from Umu Egbede village.

How old are you? – I am twenty years old.

How do you see what is happening here?

I like the things happening here because I was delivered here by Sister Ngozi. I would have died last December according to Ngozi’s revelation. I was the person who got first revelation message in this place. Normally we run away from the church people who put on white overall or garment.

Outwardly I look very healthy but right inside me, is a mess. After the revelation I started opting for peace. She told me what the witches wanted to do to me. When December approached, l Ieft for Awkuzu with her. Today l am alive and free from the ailment. The people who work against what is happening here are those who worship idols and poison people. As a result, I pray to God for their repentance because they know not what they do.

The Holy Spirit is leading that person.



What we ask from God the Father, He does.

He does what we ask of Him.

lt is the Holy Spirit dragging the person. These people are for spiritual healing. She has sands in her palm for the healing. These people are sick waiting for healing. This person is being controlled or dragged by the Holy Spirit.



Our God is doing a great work.

He does a great work.

This person is from Ibagwa Aka. This person is Ikechukwu from Obukpa. Sunday is also from Obukpa.



Let the Satan be put to shame. (repeat)

It is the spiritual healing that is going on with the child. With the power of the Lord the sickness will stop after the treatment. The rest are the male and female youths. The Holy Spirit dwells in the people who are in peace with God. There are people from Ugbene Ajima here.



Let the Satan be put to shame. (repeat)


Our God is doing a great work.

He does a great work. (repeat)

Spiritual healing is going on. The song continued.



One who is doing good should wait for some good reward,

While the evil doer should not run away

from the evil reward when they come. (repeat)

Spiritual healing continues.


When I call him ‘Ihukwu’, God He answers. Call Jesus, He answers. God of Mercy. Call him God, He answers.

What is your name? – Chukwuma Ugwuanyi.

He sustained injuries from attackers while trying to strengthen the faith of people in this town or community. The supporters of the chief wanted to take away one of his eyes. It happened at Ugbene Ani, where we went to collect and destroy the Adoro, that the chief priest and the chief laid some people on ambush who incidentally attacked us and inflicted these injuries on me.

One of the attackers was from Okpuje, a staff with the Nsukka Local Government.

The man is being carried by the Holy Spirit.

The promises made by our God would be enough for you. God is not a liar. God does not fail his promises rather, he fulfills them. Therefore, if you hear His words and apply them in your life it shall be well with you.

Praise the Lord!

The Bible tells us that if we first of all seek God’s kingdom and blessings, every other thing shall be given to us in addition. Matthew 6:33. This is God’s promise to his people.

Praise the Lord!



Be you anything Satan, I will conquer you.


Thank God on whom I lean.

There is chaos here that there is even the presence of the military men. We do not know if they are to keep peace or otherwise. Now, some people who came along with them are rioting but some members of the church have gotten hold of them.

A real revolution is going on as you can see in Alor Uno in Nsukka L.G.A. of Enugu State.


What is your name? – Jonathan Eze.

From where? – I am from Alor Agu in Igbo-Eze South L.G.A.

Woman, keep quiet to allow us hear him. He is my brother, okay.

What do you want from here? – I am a driver.

Where is your car? – Look at it over there.

Let the vehicle be brought nearer so that it will not be damaged.

The owner of the car is coming.

What is wrong with you? What brought you here?

I came back from my journey and asked of my sisters and was told that Sister Ngozi held them. I asked them the cause, and was told that they are in the church here (Felicia Eze and Mrs. Omeke).

When you found out that they were withheld here, what did you do?

I inquired of Patrick Eze, my in-law, and he was not in. I also asked of my other relation, whom I was told travelled to Aku where she is to have a breast operation.

Gentleman, if you look around you, you will see Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu, and she is now talking to the people.


[…] This is what he prepared yesterday. This one is the Adoro we talk about. I collected it but he made a new one in order to take money and give it back to the people. That is his usual style – taking money from people and making idols for them. Later, they will be dumping dead bodies there. If you go where it is, you will see so many skulls. I even brought some here. The entire community has said that they don’t want the Adoro any longer. But he would always do a fresh Adoro. Come and see the people who indulge in nefarious activities under our custody. This person, I do not know when he came. They said that the other person brought the military men. He brought the military men who are guarding the Nsukka Nitel [telecommunication office] by a car.

My town people listen! The person addressing you is the D.P.O. [Divisional Police Officer] Nsukka Police. Listen! Praise the Lord! If you know God’s commandment, you should know that God does not use violence or act in violence. Praise the Lord!

The reason why I chained these people is because they are thieves. After I had brought out the Adoro, thieves started terrorizing my people, making away with their belongings. Look at an old woman who lost her foodstuffs to the thieves.

I prayed to God to disclose the thieves to me. Now see them here, as God has shown them to me. I told my followers not to hurt them. Yesterday I gave them food that I prepared, told them the words of God so that they may repent from their present style of life which does not pay well. What annoyed me most was that the big bowels for the church were stolen. I prayed to God to uncover them to me.

The other person was saying that this person invited the military men who shot guns. Perhaps they could have shot me if I were here, although, God sent me away. I thank God because what I am doing here is not a bad thing. Praise the Lord! Don’t you see human skull? That is all I was able to bring here. There are many more from the place I got them. My people’s custom! I do not know what would have been the faith of my people with that in this world of ours. Although the people have now said no to it. Praise the Lord!


Okay. Thank you, Ngozi. The fact is that I am the D.P.O. Nsukka Police. We got the information that there is chaos in Alor Uno. I was sent to investigate the matter. I came and Ngozi has explained to me the state of things and also about the self-confessed thieves in her custody. I have heard her but it is clear to everybody the way the Government treats any thief. Normally a thief should be brought to the Police Station for interrogation after which he could be charged to the law court and the court would decide finally. Is that right? Yes. That is why I came. Ngozi, I thank you all. You have done weIl. I will take them to the Police Station for the necessary line of action on them.



God you are good, You are good,

You are good, You are good. (repeat)

Please wait, let me come. Praise the Lord! The police officers who paid us a visit, I greet you all, but some of these people are thieves from another town who came here to operate while some are Alor indigenes. I shall be coming to tell them the words of God and at the same time pray for their forgiveness from God. Thereby, when they repent, let them be liberated.

The most dangerous one is the karate boy hired to kill for them. You listen! Praise the Lord! I will be sending people to give them food. Now, they should be provided with food – ‘life-bread’, cooked ground pea, for them to eat. Why I treat them like this is not to maltreat them but for them to have a change of mind and repent. Praise the Lord! Let these things be bought later, I will pay from my purse. Praise the Lord!

I did not come to oppress. Rather, it is for the sinners to repent. I will always remember them, come there to help them and preach to them the words of God. As soon as they repent, you should please release them. Praise the Lord!



God, You are good, You are good.

Do not force them to eat. Please let everybody keep calm. The children of God do not cause confusion and trouble. Praise the Lord!



Pocket your tongue. repeat thrice so that it shall be weIl with you.

Keep quiet so that you hear from me one thing. This person said that if he is only punished without being killed, later he would do the worst. He is a hired killer. Once you can pay him, he will kill. There was an instrument he had that is as sharp as a knife. Where is it? Let it be brought with the bow and arrow. There is another person at home who is at the point of death. Praise the Lord! Please, all of you listen. This woman is she going to follow them? All of them are going. E-em.

This woman with a baby if you had not met these people […]. But I have forgiven you. Go!


Now, with the present state of affairs, it is Ngozika Ogbu, the prophetess who performed miraculous work in this town. The thieves and other trouble makers here have been taken away by the police.

‘Atama’, the chief priest of Ugbene Ani, he should not be in his house because his house is my next port of call. To avoid had I known, there is the house of Adoro and we are going to cleanse the place. Come out and join Christianity and do away with your idols!



God, You are good, You are good.

Now it is clear to everybody that the thieves and the trouble-makers have been handed over to the police.

Where are you going? – They are going to Nsukka Police station.

Thank you very much.



I am saying thanks. (2 times)

I am saying thanks, Jesus.

I am saying thanks.

Thank the God, Father, whom I lean on. (repeat)

I am asking God to pay them accordingly, strengthen their faith in their good works in Jesus name.

Praise the Lord!



God, You are good, You are good.

Please, I will be happy if you go and spread from the church. Have you spread [the gospel]?


Go and spread. Praise the Lord! May God be with you! All the prayers you will conduct in the church, God will answer you. The sick people will recover. Those that harden their hearts from the words of God, Jehovah soften their minds to enable them to repent. Enter the church and spread.


When we finished from the church we proceeded to the place where there is Adoro. If you look, you will observe the track road leading to where the trees meant for Adoro were cut down. That place is Adoro. Come and see the things used in sacrificing to it. No matter what, be it a cow, a woman dare not touch it. Another one is that if you take an oath here, it kills immediately. Here is the home of ‘Ngwu Adoro’. Women do not enter there. We are now entering the house of ‘Adoro’.

That road is not for everybody. A non-indigene who passes through the road would die. There are two roads here. At the end of every month, the chief priest closes one, and the other is used. That is how he interchanges both roads. Now in God’s name, the roads are for everybody to use at will.

We have been crying and longing to have tap water. We had it but Adoro suspended it because of noise. Adoro said that the place should be left for absolute quietness. There and then all the investment became a wasted effort. Look at the pipelines.


Look at this road. There is a deity or idol here which is normally worshipped yearly. It is the higher Adoro. That is its domain. The house for it has been demolished. It is only the forest remaining in which somebody could be killed here without people noticing.

Now that Prophetess Ngozika Ogbu started cleansing this town, she has the support of the youths and the elderly men and women. In fact every citizen of this town supports it. We thank you all.

This is where serpent comes out. The first day we came here, a big snake came out from there. We killed it and that was on 2nd February, 1995.


Brother Johnson Asogwa, we greet you. Since we started right from the church to this place called Adoro’s base which might turn to be a church premise, from the outlook of things, we saw Prophetess Ngozi Ogbu in a corner, the chosen one of God, instrumental to the miraculous events taking place here. How do you see these things happening here in your town?

With what we have seen so far, if I should narrate them, I think that in three days’ time, I may not be able to finish them. But it is when people come, they see for themselves because there is a saying that seeing is believing.

This place we are now is the palace of Adoro. The highest of it all where the people they talk about come, not just any person. For instance, the youth can come here, especially those like the ages of these young ones here. This person by my right is Prophetess Ngozike Ogbu, the chosen one of God for this miraculous work. She is doing all these things. Look at the youths both left and right, who are her followers. I saw with my eyes all these people and among them are the learned ones. One should not say that this group comprises of the illiterates only. There is a clear evidence that among us here is a professor. A professor!

E-em. I would have liked that they have a testimony to give to enable me say the reasons that made me to come. I was at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the office of the head of the said department, when an Alor indigene and a staff of that department were narrating what the prophetess has been doing. Though I argued with him that Ngozi could only destroy individual gods and not the big ‘Adoro’. I gave praises to God for the fact that the so-called Adoro has been demolished completely. That is the place well cleared, the home of the most feared notorious idol.


In the olden days, the most feared shrine in Nsukka as a whole is Adoro Alor and Ehuru Idora. It was the government itself who set up a panel to probe and report back about the activities of Ehuru Idora in the year 1987/88. Justice Nwa Eze was the head of the panel. The government demolished the shrine on 11th of February, 1988, following the report submitted by the panel. The action was performed by the military with a bulldozer that erased the place and there and then the history of Ehuru Idora ended.

I told the Alor person who was telling the story that he should bring me here so that I will see things and hear words by myself instead of being told, most especially meeting the prophetess. I have read histories of what happened in the olden days. The research I made on other people’s written work and I need to have an authentic record of this kind of a thing taking place here for others to learn from me. I was happy and decided to come to witness it. I was told the stories about Athens and Ephesus. But this particular episode, I do not need to be told.


I am a political philosopher, a lecturer in Philosophy Dept. of the Faculty of Social Sciences. I used to tell my students that what hinders Africans from development is the fact that they very much preserve their cultures. I kept asking them where they think that the culture would lead us. I will bring the students here because they do not believe that Africa could exist without her cultures. They said that it is only this our aspect of culture that we use to supersede the white men. I asked them, is the trickish way we act that shows superiority – the poisoning or killing, the lazy attitude to work and even sometimes taking money for work never discharged, committing adultery/ fornication etc.? Tell me what? All the processes we move ahead with are those from the white men.

I use to tell them in Philosophy of Social Sciences that unless you understand and take what I say word to word, you find it very difficult because African people […]. It was the white man who studied about human life, how it started and how it developed. The science of birth and what we, the Africans, do. Have they any comparison in terms of development? That is what I teach the students in the University. I thank God that this kind of a thing is happening very close to where I teach. I shall come back with some of my students who are willing because we discussed this on Thursday evening after which I came down.


Prophetess Ngozika Ogbu, it is clear to us that your people are proud of you. But still some of them wage war against you. What have you to say about that?

E–em, it is ignorance of God that causes all these things.

That is the cause, but you try all your best to let them know that there is God. – Yes.

When you did the cleansing work in this town, did you notice the counter-force of the devil’s power on you? – No. There was no sign of evil force.

Okay. That shows that your power and the power of God supersedes that of Satan. Thank you very much.


We understand that there are some sick people in the church. Do you charge money or give drugs for their healing?

What happens is that the first people who did this kind of missionary work did not charge anybody. How could I start charging money? It is like this, when one repents and receives salvation in Christ, one gets okay or becomes free from illness.

Some sickness attacks people because they lack salvation in Christ. When some people do bad things, i.e. sins, they have an attack. God would not listen to them because they are not of God.

Some people are poisoned, some are mad. It is God that heals them. Don’t you see that it is bad for a person to charge money for the healing done by God?

That is to say you can only accept gifts in appreciation of God’s good work. – Yes.

Thank you very much.


It is clear to us that many have gotten salvation in Christ through you.

Yes. Not only that. People give birth here, learn and speak other languages they had no knowledge about, such as Latin, Congo, Hebrew and Ghana. These languages are from God. Many people speak these languages without having gone beyond Nsukka. Okay.

Do you treat cases of reincarnation?

WeIl, there is nothing on earth that God cannot suppress. Anything that is against the life of human being, once you use prayer on it, God will respond positively, no matter what.

Prophetess Ngozika Ogbu, we thank you very much but urge you not to relent or yield to pressures from the people because even Jesus Christ had temptations. It is for this special reason that we came the long way to bear you witness on what happened today.

We thank you.

Praise God!



God on whom we take rest,

When reached one takes rest,

You are good.

The only relation thanks be to You.

God the giver, thanks be to You.

There was a time I told you when I newly started my ministry, that there will be a time when if I go out by a car with Nigerian flag, then so many cars would queue up. I told you that time shall come. Praise the Lord! When people will be struggling to get in touch with me physically so that they would be saved. God gave it to me as a promise. Did we know that it will happen? But today, it happened. I told you that there will be a time when the police would give me escort. Praise the Lord! Though the time is yet to come. I told you that there will come a time when so many souls would be fed by me. I also told you that there will come a time when there would be a revolution in this country, when a group would like to overthrow this army regime, only to perish. The other day, I heard that it has happened. So many things that God reveals to me happen. That is why I pray to avert the war that is likely to come from the chaos that would break out in future time.

So I believe that it is God’s wish that I do this work because it has been long Nsukka people suffer, most especially Alor. It is God’s wish. The difficulties on my ways, I have read the Bible, seen how the Israelites waged war against the idols in different nations. The Israelites fought the Philistines, Amonites, also went to different mountains where the impure blood was shed that God did not like. They always won except if they offended God. But when they lose because of God’s anger about them, they cry and ask God for forgiveness. By then they continued to win because they have turned back to God.


If we continue in this faith with God, nothing can put us to shame. Whenever you call on the Lord, He will answer. If at the last we start arrogating ourselves thinking that we are the God, everybody will be put to shame. I plead to God to help us prove to other towns, not only Nsukka, that there is no other living god except the Almighty God. Jehovah told me that I have come not to stay in Alor alone but to teach the universe. He said that through me many shrines shall be destroyed in different towns. Also people will find out that there is no supreme power in idols, rather, in God. There will come a time when Nigeria will turn to almost Christians. People will realize that the idol worshiping is useless. Everybody would leave for him/herself to God. I pray that I would not divert from this present zeal with which I discharge this ministerial work to a lesser faith, so that I will not be seen as a liar or irresponsible person.

This is what kills some people. Whenever God calls a person to duty, a prophet, his power changeth not. God gave His power to the prophets like Deborah who ruled the land of Israel. What put the present prophets into trouble in this our world is that when they pray today and tomorrow, they would want to have eighteen cars and even start playing people 419 [use fraud]. All lizards lay prostrate, we cannot tell the one suffering from stomach trouble. During this period, the power of God leaves the person because he/she has taken the worldly or earthly things in place of that. So, that is it.


I came from Makurdi. I am from Owerri. I was a student here in Nsukka. One of my friends told me what happened but I insisted that I like to see things for myself. In the morning, as we were preparing to come to this place, other Christians were getting prepared also for church service. We arrived when the soldiers were struggling and shooting their guns. I saw the big oracle/gods brought out. Only God knows that I feIt bad about what I saw. I thank God on your behalf and ask Him to give you power, the more so that you will use it to destroy and clear all these bad things in this country to show the world that God reigns. This world is spoilt because of greediness that leads to nowhere. Thanks be to God.



In God we lean. In Jesus we lean. (repeat)

[…] that something will happen to me there, but such thing should start from my town to serve as a yardstick to me. Do you see it? So that is how it is.

I should not stay too long in a place, just like Jesus did His own time. You remember, He did not have a house. He moved to nations to preach and healed the sick. He preached repentance because your soul is more important than anything on this earth.

From the human skeleton, I know that this world is vanity. May be during the period people were on earth, when they were talked to, they were never serious and say: go and sit down! Where are they now? It is only their bones that you can see here. Human beings are molds, only sand. So you are supposed not to only follow me but keep God’s commandments. That is what I want. Be Christ-like because He said: ‘If you love me, keep my laws’. That He is the way, the truth and life. If you follow me to any place and after work you rejoice without knowing Jesus, keeping His laws that He is the alpha and omega, then you are nowhere. Because Sister Ngozi is taking only the account of her duties on earth not your own, i.e. everybody would face his/her judgment.

Therefore, whenever you are following me, be meditating and ask yourself: supposed, Christ calls me in the other world what is going to be my stand? But many people do not know this. It is only going to places with me that they know. God help us in Jesus’ name!

Jehovah told me that I should be in this place we are staying now, that I should always come back to this place after going to different places. I have seen that it is true. My prayers just finished but there are still many more things that need dedicating prayers to in order to put things right.

Before, people dared not touch anything here. […] Alor will realize what I did for them at a later stage. You do not know, if you know, I would also know.


What is your name? – Chukwu Emeka Eze.

Do you like what is happening here? – Yes.


What is your name? – Onah Fredrick.

This thing happening here do you like it? – Yes.

How many years are you? – 15 years old.

I know about two names that happened in the Bible, judgment of the man called Gideon. His father was the chief priest of the god of the Israelites known as Ashera.

This thing our sister did in this town was what the man did through God in Israel before they were able to lead wars and conquer.


In Europe, there is a country called France. It was a girl/lady like the prophetess in our midst that led France to war that brought victory to them. She summoned courage after every other person feared to lead the war. Just in the same way our sister Ngozi is sitting in the center, she did. Her name was Joan of Ark, Joan of Ark! Everybody. I used her to cite an example, told them that the one which happened in Ephesus that it was the people who brought out all the idols and gods and demanded that they be set ablaze. That was after St. Paul did a wonderful work in spreading the words of God. The words of God travel.

I read the place when I saw what was brought out from Reuben Onah. He gave up all those things. I think I got his name correct? – Yes.

Please, I would like that we use this period of rest and listening to tell you from a book what happened in Israel. That was why I said that I read what happened in Gideon but should witness the one taking place around me. I am reading from Judges, Chapter 6, from Verse 11-22:

Gideon’s call […]. Praise the Lord! Luke 10:19.

2. 12th March, 1995.


We are now at Ugbene Alor Uno. The tree you are now seeing is of the evil shrine. The tree is the converging place for the witches. They do all sorts of meetings on how to kill, take away people’s heart etc. When Ngozi found all these things, she gave an order to cut it down which was done on two consecutive days. Before it fell, it was giving a strange noise.

My people, we had prayers in the church, went to the bush where we had discussions with Ngozi. We are back in the church. Now people are taking some rest, let us hear from one of our brothers who put in every effort to see that these things happened, and in the ways they should be.


Brother! Now we are back from the bush, tell us your own perception about the whole event. Is there any discrimination between people in this town or between your town and other towns as a result of this Adoro?

Thank you very much. I very much thank God for the things that Ngozi did in this town, so do the youths as weIl. It seems as if there are two divisions in Alor Uno.

What is the cause?

It is the so called Adoro. They differentiate between the slaves and the freeborn as the case may be, although, since Ngozi Ogbu came, everybody is regarded as equals. No more discriminations.

Thank you.


Those people described as foreigners, are they still here?

Yes. They have changed their religion and now rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, everybody. Thank you.

What is your word of advice for those who entertain fears from the enemies and intimidations citing, for instance, from what happened with the Police and the church members. Even though the whole thing favored the church which shows that the power of God is superior to Satan.

What have you to tell the youths and the elderly people of this town concerning what has been happening in this town?

Thank you very much. The advice I have for Ngozi’s followers including me is that which Christ told the Christians in the Bible, the Book of Luke. He said […].


God has already given us the support. You can see the multitude of people present at today’s occasion. It is true that the army and the police were here, but the children were the only people who feared the situation. The police took and arrested the complainants and the opposing group members while the army left with shame.

I should tell them to be patient because it is difficult to carry the cross. The way to heaven is very tiny while that of the hell is very wide. And they should also understand that Christ faced the same problems while on earth. But it is clear that one reaps from the fruits of his/her labor. Sister Ngozi is leading us to the Promised Land (paradise). For years we have been living captivity of Adoro. But today you can see we are being hated, we are being marginalized. Nsukka, Ibagwa-Ani, Okpuje, Obukpa hate us. All the neighboring towns hate us. We cannot intermarry, we can’t do anything because of this Adoro. But now we have been liberalized. So time will come when this place will be paradise just like in Jerusalem as was predicted by Sister Ngozi. People would be taking sands and holy water from this place. Now Okpuje indigenes have started taking holy water from here to their homes. Ibagwa and other neighboring villages hate us; today they come to collect holy water from here. We thank God for that. Praise the Lord!


What is your name? – Johnson Asogwa, an Onitsha based businessman.

Thank you very much Johnson.


Now you can see some patients who are waiting to receive salvation as the case may be. Now we want to know the story about our sister Caroline Eze.

Caroline Eze, tell us who you are? – I am from Enugu Ezike.

You are from there but you stay here. – Yes.

What brought you to this place today?

It seems that the family I belong to is doomed by sickness. They said that I should be sacrificed to the Adoro because of the link from my father to Adoro in the olden days. He had a land dispute with a man who invited the Adoro into the land case. There and then, trouble broke out. They said that I should go and live with Alor Agu man free of charge, no bride price because l am a sacrificed person to Adoro. I was sent to the place. It was when I heard that there is somebody in person of Ngozi (sister) who deliver people from satanic problems that I immediately ran down to this place.

Therefore, you need deliverance, and believe in Christ with prayers? Since you are here, do you feel happy? You do not fear anymore? – Yes.



This is the compound belonging to Sister Ngozi’s brother, where she stays. His nickname is Young Ogbu.

The young Ogbu, I am Ngwu nwa Ayogu. My nickname is the Young. I thank God for the kind of things our sister does. Since she arrived, we have been feeling very happy. I mean her relations. We did not know that we have been in darkness until she came.

It was after she came that we knew God. In the beginning, we did not know that eventually we would be part and parcel of her church. We lived like that because the entire village where she belongs known as Umu Egbede did not believe in Christianity. We believed that once you attend the church you are no more protected by God. Therefore, we worshiped idols, did charms and went to wizards.

It was when she came back from her husband’s place with some of her church members that she told us that ‘there is something’. They were telling people whatever problems they had. If a person was sick, she would tell it to the person to the person’s amazement. He/she would say the kind of a thing worrying him/her. Then she would say to the person that after prayers the sickness would disappear. If you kneel down in the church and pray, whatever is wrong with the person goes. We said that it is now we have life, i.e. life has come to be. She told us that the thing which she complained about would not save us.

She said that all those things shall be put away. It is some of these things which we do like - idol worshiping, going to the wizards that give us a lot of troubles and sicknesses. The witches through those things attack people. Thereby they demand to be worshiped after which the situation perishes. If you go to the fortune-teller, he would tell you to offer goat, dog, sheep and the rest of them to cure you, yet the sickness may not be cured.

But since Ngozi came and opened her church here, everybody sleeps fine every night. There is nothing like one problem or the other of any sort. Those things have stopped.

Now one goes to the market, gets her shopping fast or seIls her products very fast unlike in the past, when the witches go after people thereby retarding their progress. They have run away since she is here. We do not hear them anymore. We thank God for that. These things she is performing are good. In this our town, there are idols. We think that they are our God, not knowing that they kill us. She told us that those things are nothing, not God, that there is nothing more than God, the creator of this world. We said yes to her. She started cleansing this village Umu Egbede until they finished. In the beginning we thought she has killed us but since then everybody sleeps very fine. People as weIl feel very healthy.

She then proceeded to Alor, everybody supported the exercise except those who are enemies of progress. Our neighboring towns ran away from us. We did not know that there is a person who could do this work to the extent that all other towns hate us because of this shrine. Although it was put into place by the old generation, the people are now happy except the ones that do not want other people’s existence. Therefore, we thank God for this work and still plead that the work should be intensified more.

It is clear to us that you understand the fact that this Ngozi brought blessing to this town where she was born.


As an elderly man, we know that there are people who are the devil’s instruments in that if this town is divided into four parts, we know that three quarters are Christians while one quarter is non-Christians and belong to the opposing side.

What have you to tell the aged people who do not accept Christ?

I tell the elderly people to leave the shrine so that we watch this blessing brought to us by God. But the simple truth about it is that they accept it. The highest of it all is that the eldest man from this village Umu Egbede has repented in Jesus and not of the evil again. He said that he is for Jesus now. We all clapped for him. All and sundry from this village believe in Christianity and in fact her church. We said bye-bye to idol worshiping so that we come out from darkness.

Thank you.

Okay. Welcome. Your speech was fine. We feel like talking longer than this but the time is very much against us.

What do you say is your name? – I am ‘Young’.




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