Review Language Contact and Language Change in Ethiopia von Yvonne Treis Treis Yvonne The present book is one of the many outcomes of research carried out at the University of Mainz on language contact phenomena in the Ethiopian Linguistic Area. While a previous book edited by Joachim Crass and Ronny Meyer concentrated on copulas, focus morphemes and deictic elements (Crass & Meyer 2007), the present work does not have a particular thematic focus; rather it deals with various contact-induced and internally motivated language change phenomena in Omotic, Cushitic and Ethiosemitic languages. Apart from the introduction by the editors, the book contains six articles. In the following sections, the articles will be summarised and assessed individually. The review will end with a general evaluation of the book. 490 periodical academic journal Review: Joachim Crass & Ronny Meyer (eds.) 2009. Language Contact and Language Change in Ethiopia (Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies 14). 2011 8 2011 1860-7462 urn:nbn:de:0009-10-28487 treis2011