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Johann Gottlieb Christaller an offizielle Verwaltungsstelle dort (ohne Namensangabe):

betrifft die Legitimation seiner Abreise von dort nach Europa und das Ersuchen, ein Negermädchen mitnehmen zu können

(Christiansborg, 13. März 1858)

M3,58 G C 2

I am about to leave this country for Europe, being recalled by our Committee partly on account of my not sufficiently restored health, partly to assist the Inspector of our Missionhouse at Basel in his work as his secretary (besides which I hope to continue in some measure with the study of - and some literary work in the Otji Language). We are expecting every day the Bremen-Missionary vessel Dahomey from leeward, by which we are to sail. I shall have the pleasure of paying you a visit, if possible this afternoon, but before this I take the liberty of asking you

Christiansborg, 13th of March 1858

Fenster schließen